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Will Christensen, of Seller Labs, on best practices for selling on Amazon

I had a great conversation with Will Christensen, a Go To Market specialist who’s the head of marketing at Seller Labs, a Georgia-based software tool provider for e-commerce merchants. Will is also the co-founder and CEO of DataAutomation.com, a company that customizes automation and integration processes for e-commerce sellers.

Will provides a lot of great info — including some unbeatable tactical tips — about selling on Amazon that should be of great interest to anyone selling products on this important commerce platform. We cover a lot of ground in our interview, including:

– The importance of the law of reciprocity in sales, where small gestures of goodwill can lead to increased likelihood of purchase.

– How Amazon sellers should go about selecting 3rd party software to improve their selling results.

– SEO strategies for Amazon sellers and the key role played by user-generated content in terms of improving one’s chance of ranking outside of Amazon.

– “Grey hat” SEO tactics that e-commerce merchants can use to improve their chances of ranking.

– Apps that Will finds indispensable, including clipboard managers and password managers.

– The challenges of managing a large number of SKUs on Amazon, including the potential for penalties and the importance of authentic reviews.

– The utility (and danger) of using review syndicates (often referred to as “review mafias”) on Amazon, give that they can lead to account flagging and extra scrutiny on future reviews.

– The role that AI will likely play in ferreting out inauthentic Amazon reviews.

– Amazon marketplace trends, which recently have included large moves by brand aggregators.

– How sellers should regard and quantify the interaction of paid and organic initiatives on Amazon.

– The fact that Amazon’s real-time reporting data may not always be reliable and that sellers need to wait a minimum of 14 days before acting based on this reporting.

I got a lot out of this interview and hope you do too.


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