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Cristy Garcia, of, on best practices for working with influencers

Cristy Garcia is Chief Marketing Officer at, a global partnership management platform. She leads and supervises’s marketing, events, public relations and communications, demand generation, branding, website, design and social media. recently launched what it calls a Creator Platform designed to manage influencer discovery and influencer campaign management. I was eager to speak with Cristy about this new product and about issues related to influencers, affiliate marketing, and related topics, including:

  • Why today’s influencers are working in a way very similar to the way that publishers work, creating content that educates and promotes products, often using affiliate links for monetization.
  • Why education is often needed to inform brands about the nuances of affiliate marketing and hybrid payment models.
  • Why brands should trust their influencer partners’ instincts on audience and content, balancing brand priorities with creative control.
  • How influencers are recognizing the need to diversify their platforms to avoid relying on a single channel for growth.
  • How micro and nano influencers are often seen by consumers as more trustworthy than macro influencers.
  • How brands – which want authentic ambassadors and influencers that match their brand — may struggle with compliance issues when giving too much creative latitude to mid-tier and nano influencers.
  • How technology can help automate messaging and discovery of creators, making it easier for brands to manage their influencer marketing campaigns.
  • The resurgence of long form video content, with storytelling methodology and VSLs (Video Sales Letters) being the driver.
  • Why brands must constantly test new channels, given that what works now may not work in the future.
  • Why B2B marketers should target multiple contacts within an account, rather than just the mythical decision maker, to increase the chances of a sale.
  • How AI will impact influencer and affiliate marketing and shape its future.’s Partnership Experience event will be happening in New York this June. If you have any involvement in affiliate/influencer marketing, or want to learn more about how it works, I’d suggest you attend. You can learn more here:



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