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Christoper Yu, of U.S. Bank, on digital transformation and hyper personalization

Christopher Yu is Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation, at U.S. Bank, a diversified financial services company offering retail and commercial banking, private banking, and wealth management solutions. Prior to arriving at U.S. bank, he served in strategic positions at Publicis and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

U.S. Bank’s Digital Transformation Team, which Christopher leads, recently won the 2024 Experience Maker of the Year Award (for the Americas) at AdobeSummit24 for achievements in delivering “exceptional customer experiences and business impact.”

I wanted to touch base with Christopher to talk about digital transformation with a particular focus on hyper personalization: what it can do for an organization, how it can be beneficial to customers, and what can go wrong when teams make errors while applying it. Along the way, we discuss topics including:

  • The foundational role of digital transformation in personalization.
  • Appropriate KPIs to track success in customer-centric marketing initiatives.
  • The efficacy of segmenting customers based on personas to simplify personalization efforts for operations and marketing teams.
  • How “over personalization” can result when teams misunderstand the customer journey.
  • The different psychographics and cognitive profiles of financial services audiences.
  • Why teams using third-party partners to collect data for personalization must balance data management and customer trust.
  • How the California Privacy Rights Act and similar legislation are prompting organizations to ensure data collection is consensual to maintain customer trust.
  • How marketers might go about delighting customers in “boring” industries.
  • How Steve Jobs’ passion for calligraphy influenced Apple’s design and delighted customers.
  • How U.S. Bank is using Gen AI in marketing to create personalized content and messages.
  • AI’s potential in creative applications and its requirement for human editors and curators.
  • How AI-driven personalization may blend with quantum computing for new marketing opportunities.


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