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James Avery, of Kevel, on programmatic advertising for Retail Media

James Avery is Founder and CEO at Kevel, a Raleigh, North Carolina-based AdTech company whose ad serving APIs make it easy for brands to monetize their sites and apps.

Kevel’s software can easily be deployed across retail media networks (networks allowing retailers to advertise within their in-store and/or online environments), and Kevel itself has been driving the standardization of protocols and ad unit types through a recently formed industry working whose intention is to establish an OpenRTB Protocol for retail media.

I wanted to touch base with James to discuss the emergence of retail media as a powerful advertising channel for retailers and chat about how retailers can best take advantage of it. We cover a good number of topics in our talk that will be of interest to retailers, brands, and other merchants, including:

  • Retail media and its use cases in advertising.
  • The unique value of retail media, given the rich first-party data retailers possess, including purchase history and information related to customer loyalty.
  • Looking at Amazon as an example of a highly optimized retail media network, with over 50% of retail media revenue in the category.
  • Why it’s critically important for retailers to link online and offline POS (Point of Sale) data.
  • How retailers can use programmatic advertising within retail networks media to delight customers through targeted, relevant ads.
  • The potential for retailers to share data with brands, which could be used to create more effective targeted marketing campaigns.
  • The potential for upside in retail sectors selling large ticket items, such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, and for specialty retailers.
  • How the development of an open RTB standard for promoted listings will enable retailers to deliver ads programmatically across multiple platforms and measure performance in a more open and efficient way.



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