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Greg Gifford, of SearchLab, on local search optimization in the age of AI

Greg Gifford is an experienced SEO consultant who has presented on the topic of local SEO at dozens of high-profile industry events. He’s currently serving as Chief Operating Office at SearchLab, a Texas-based SEO agency. (If you’d like to view some of Greg’s excellent presentations, you can find them on SlideShare at the following link:

I’m grateful to Greg for making time for a wide-ranging interview in which we tackle the subject of local SEO optimization and how this discipline may be evolving as AI becomes pervasive.   We cover a lot of ground in our interview and address many topics of interest to anyone doing local SEO today. These topics include:

  • The possible impact that Gemini, a Google-developed AI app intended to replace voice-based search, will have on local SEO.
  • The role that Google Home may play in terms of serving as a platform for testing and training AI to answer questions conversationally, potentially changing how people use voice search at home.
  • How creating and syndicating high-quality content across various platforms, such as Yelp and LinkedIn, can help improve local SEO and AI visibility.
  • The degree to which writing better content for one’s website can help improve search engine rankings as AI becomes more integrated in the search experience.
  • The importance of optimizing videos for YouTube, as doing this can lead to more visibility and leads in the long run.
  • The importance of optimizing Google Business Profiles for local search, particularly in regard to selecting relevant categories for the business.
  • Why businesses need to take steps to ask customers for reviews to increase the chances of getting good reviews (even if doing so means getting more bad reviews).
  • The fact that that no amount of marketing can overcome a bad user experience.
  • Google’s recent efforts to improve local search experiences, including new verification processes and reinstatement procedures.



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