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Grace Watkins and Holly Rawlinson, of Click Media, on the evolution of the influencer marketing industry

Grace Watkins started Click Media in 2017 to represent young gamers and help them grow their careers, work with brands, and monetize their audiences. The company now works with brands to access gaming audiences and continues to work at the intersection of creators, brands, and gaming influencers.

Holly Rawlinson joined Click Media in 2023 as Head of Branding and New Ventures. I am grateful to both Grace and Holly for joining me in an interview on the evolution of the influencer marketing industry.

We cover many topics in our talk that will be of interest to brands seeking to reach audiences mediated by influencers, and by influencers and creators seeking to work more successfully with brands. These topics include:

  • Misconceptions regarding gamers and gaming audiences that can prevent brand managers from appreciating their value.
  • The role played by platform algorithms and meritocracy in terms of surfacing top creators.
  • The shift in power away from traditional Hollywood agencies and studios toward independent internet-based creators and influencers.
  • The challenges faced by brand managers when seeking to reach audiences mediated by gaming influencers.
  • The importance of considering multiple KPIs when working with creators and influencers, such as website clicks, downloads, and engagement, rather than solely focusing on sales.
  • The fact that creators with existing friendships can amplify each other’s content and increase virality.
  • Instances where brands have successfully worked with a group of creators in a way that resonates with their audiences, thus leading to more organic and authentic content that can often exceed contractually obligated content.
  • Why brand managers may struggle with giving influencers and creators sufficient creative freedom to create content that truly resonates with their audiences.
  • How influencers are becoming more sophisticated in their approaches to building personal brands, recognizing the importance of having multiple touchpoints with their audiences.
  • The mistake that some influencers make in terms of focusing on short-term gratification from platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or TikTok, which can make it challenging to build a sustainable business.
  • The need for creators and influencers to diversify their revenue streams beyond one platform or form of media, while investing in their businesses and building loyal audiences.


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