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Gregory Elfrink, of Empire Flippers, on marketing lessons gleaned from selling online businesses

Gregory Elfrink is Director or Marketing at Empire Flippers, a curated marketplace for buying and selling online businesses. Such businesses include ecommerce, SaaS, content sites, FBA, and more. Gregory has a wealth of knowledge about what makes these online businesses tick, what makes them succeed, and causes them to fail, and so I was very glad to catch up with for an extended conversation for the eMarketing Association.

We cover a lot of topics in this conversation that should be of value to anyone involved in online business today, including:

  • The degree to which SEO can cause an online business to succeed or fail.
  • The negative impact of Google’s recent “Helpful Content” update on many content-focused online businesses.
  • The rise of “zero-click” searches.
  • The resurgence of direct mail as a marketing channel.
  • The importance of diversifying revenue streams in business, particularly for content affiliate sites, to reduce concentration risk and increase valuation.
  • The pros and cons of in-house marketing teams versus agencies.
  • How proprietors of online businesses should prepare their properties for sale.
  • M&A marketing trends.
  • The importance of content creation in terms of building trust and engagement with potential customers.
  • Best practices for ideating content, including looking for inspiration from other people and feeding curiosity through great content.
  • The importance of understanding the emotional needs of customers when selling products.
  • The importance of transparency and honesty in marketing.

I learned a lot in this interview and hope you do too.


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