Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Jake Pasini, VP Strategy & Analytics at Listrak, on cross-channel message orchestration

E-commerce marketing is a fiercely competitive game, and competing brands are all looking for new ways to better identify and market to their most profitable customers in order to increase revenue. And while e-mail and push notifications aren’t new mechanisms, they’re being employed in new, far more intelligent ways that employ automation, sophisticated segmentation, personalization.

I recently chatted with Jake Pasini, VP Strategy & Analytics at Listrak, a retail marketing automation platform trusted by 1,000+ leading brands for email, SMS & cross-channel orchestration. Jake also teaches marketing analytics and digital marketing at Villanova University in undergrad and MBA programs.

While the messaging techniques that marketers will apply to B2C or B2B sectors will differ, recency (of site visit, engagement, or purchase) is a very powerful signal that should be used as a proxy for willingness to engage with a brand’s messaging, as Jake illustrates with a compelling personal example.

In the complete interview below, Jake and I discuss other issues relevant to e-commerce messaging, including Listrak’s origin story, the benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization and segmentation, how the editorial bar for newsletters has risen in the past several years, whether general-purpose email blasts are a thing of the past, best practices for B2B and B2C email messaging and push notifications, current advances in triggering methodologies, the importance of testing, and other issues relevant to online marketing, e-commerce marketing, messaging, conversion rate optimization, and push notifications.


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