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Esta H. Singer, of s.h.e. Consulting, on networking do’s and don’ts

While in-person networking events aren’t as frequent as they were in 2019, the networking industry — wracked by COVID — is beginning to revive, a prospect that will delight those who enjoy these events and dismay those who don’t like them at all. Furthermore, there are now likely many thousands of younger professionals who’ve never even been to an in-person networking event and don’t know what to expect of them or how to behave at them.

Esta H. Singer knows a lot about how to get the most from a networking event, and I recently chatted with her about her advice for folks who might be new to the experience. She was quite candid about the importance of correctly setting one’s own expectations about what can expect from an event, and also about the mistakes that most people make at them (and how to avoid them).

In the complete interview below, we discuss her consultancy’s origin story, her approach to messaging and personal branding, the necessity that networking participants have a clear and compelling message in order to differentiate themselves, the importance of purpose and values in branding, common networking mistakes, how people in “boring” industries can make themselves exciting and attractive at networking events, and other issues related to branding, messaging, and networking.



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