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Mystery VSLs Vibrant Solutions to Kerassentials Foot Fungus (Kimberly Langdon)

When you see a YouTube ad more than once, you might be getting targeted based on location, retargeting, or a dozen other reasons, but if the topic of the ad you see relates to a large percentage of the population, it’s often useful to deconstruct the video messaging because if you see a million impressions behind an ad creative chances are it’s “working.”

Here in this video, I’ll show you how I determined that the Vibrant Solutions Foot Fungus YouTube ad is most likley an affiliate ad (yes the affiliate spent the $$ on the ad to make a performance payout) and the marketer for whom the affiliate is buying ads is hosted on ClickBank. That marketer is in this case for Vibrant Solutions Foot Fungus is Kerassentials.

Kerassentials sells Dr Kimberly Langdon’s nail fungus solution.

So, follow the $$ Affiliate send the click via a YouTube ad, and gets paid by Kerassentials, but only when someone purchases. That means Vibrant Solutions is taking the risk that the ads won’t work and is confident enough at this point that they have put their investment into 1,500,000 impressions on YouTube, and that’s only the ad we found. Even for a skilled affiliate. it might take 30 different creative executions to fine one where the payout greatly exceeds the cost.

There you have it.


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