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Are “Reciprocal Podcasts” right for you? + Overcome Obstacles in Marketing and Business

Several of you may have noticed that a while back on April 8th, I posted a video podcast with Stephan Spencer.

What I didn’t mention at the time was that Stephan and I did a reciprocal podcast as well. That podcast where Stephan interviewed me is live. The topic for my reciprocal podcast was “Overcome Obstacles in Marketing and Business” and even though my Podcasts are always conversational, it was fun to change it up and be the interviewee.

Not everyone loves to listen to podcasts, but many folks do, and if you haven’t launched a podcast yet, you should consider it. If you’ve got a podcast, consider guests who would make great hosts interviewing you. The reciprocal podcast creates a win-win. Plus its common for podcast producers to have different turnaround timetables, so even in the unlikely event of your two audiences overlapping, the gap in broadcast/publishing is generally more than enough to mitigate burnout. Also, make sure you cover different topics as Stephan and I did.


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