Stephan Spencer on lessons that SEO professionals can teach social media marketers

Stephan Spencer

It’s been interesting to watch (and participate in as a marketer) the evolution of social media. Those folks who have been in SEM and SEO since the earlier years of digital marketing tend to have been the early adopters of social media marketing and we view SMM opportunities in a unique way.

That’s why it was fun to chat with my friend Stephan Spencer, an SEO expert, author, and speaker. Stephan has been working in SEO since its early days, and his work has been praised by thought leaders (including Tony Robbins, who called Stephan “the top guy in the SEO business.” In this segment, Stephan provides lessons learned from SEO that are germane to marketers seeking to be design and execute effective campaigns on social media channels such as Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook.

Yes, SEM and SEO pros view social media marketing through an effective lens.

Stephan and I also discuss the current state of SEO, how it’s changed over the years, Google’s increasing use of AI, how Stephan approaches SEO audits, and the threat posed by negative SEO.  We talked about how marketers can create effective content for SEO, and other issues relevant to optimization for search engines and humans simultaneously.