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Brendan Kane on what Elon Musk should do with Twitter

Brendan Kane is a Growth Strategist, Author, and Managing Partner of Hook Point, as well as author of “Hook Point: How to Stand Out in a 3-Second World.”

In our podcast, Brendan and I went into detail surrounding the foundations surrounding his hook point methodology which he covers in his latest book, and puts to use with his team at Hook Point.

Brendan’s expertise puts him in an interesting position to opine on what Elon Musk should do with Twitter, should he end up with it, so let’s start with that snackable POV:

But that Twitter-focused conversation was only part of what we covered in the full interview/podcast. We discuss how contemporary marketing has evolved from a top-down, command-and-control environment in which the creative brief is central, to one where research is the driving force for marketing success.

We also discuss the engineering behind social media virality, how his firm counsels clients seeking social media success, how to understanding social media algorithms, how brands need to rethink their creative processes, how to think about reaching different kinds of audiences, and other important lessons for digital marketers. Make sure you watch the full podcast.


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