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Michael Elson, of, on Virtualizing the Voice Lesson Industry

The market for online music education is growing rapidly. A recent report from Asute Analytica pegged projected worldwide industry growth at 18.4 percent over the next five years, with growth being driven by increased digitization in the education sector, rising government initiatives to promote online music education, and increased proliferation of connected and smart devices suitable for e-learning.

At the same time, however, it’s clear that this industry, especially its voice lesson component, remains ripe for disruption. What’s been missing is an easy way for students seeking individualized instruction in a particular style of singing to find coaches who can deliver such instruction at a price within the student’s budget. What’s also been missing is an easy way for qualified coaches to find students seeking the special training offered by the coach.

Michael Elson believes that his startup provides these missing pieces. In this interview, he talks about his dual background as musician and technologist, recounts the origin story for, describes how the platform works, discusses his luck in deploying his system at the start of the COVID pandemic, and explains why the voice lesson marketplace is particularly ripe for disruption today and why his platform is capable of removing unneeded friction from the market.

You can watch the complete interview with Michael below:


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