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Dan Wagner discusses consumer identity in the app ecosystem

I had the pleasure recently to chat with Dan Wagner, Founder, CEO & Chairman, Rezolve Unlimited. Dan is an eCommerce veteran and serial entrepreneur whose new company, Rezolve, provides technology which “turns any mobile device into an instant transaction tool.” In this segment, Kevin and Dan discuss Apple’s new pro-privacy ad in light of the perceived tension between a consumer’s desire for privacy and a marketer’s need to know a consumer’s identity in order to provide the personalized service the consumer desires.

Dan makes the point that consumers want to be known to the businesses they transact with. Effective use of triggers to provide relevant offers and opportunities to consumers who already have a relationship with a brand doesn’t feel like marketing the the consumer at all.

In the full interview, Dan shares the origin story for Resolve, and how consumer interaction with apps and with stores and merchants varies by country. Dan also shares his vision for seeing the Resolve functionality deployed worldwide by businesses directly and via platforms.


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