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Josiah Goff, of Tune, on the entrepreneur’s journey, podcasting, and community-based content

Josiah Goff wears many hats. He’s a content creator, podcaster, entrepreneur, and is also Vice President of Product at Tune, a Chattanooga-based company whose technology powers partner marketing programs and affiliate networks.

Josiah has uniquely powerful insights into the entrepreneur’s journey; he reports that “only after removing the (corporate) safety net” was it possible to truly focus on succeeding on his own terms. He also notes that it was necessary for him to achieve a major personal transformation before being truly ready to start his own line of businesses.

Josiah has a passion for content creation that I share, and we chat at length about the power of podcasting and his own approach to creating content with an embedded community layer. We also dig into the topic of one of Josiah’s podcasts: Enneagrams, a framework for identifying personality types. (One of Josiah’s podcasts is titled “Enneagram Five” a series on how what it’s like to navigate life as a “Type 5.” He’s also known for “Content Heroes,” a popular podcast for online content creators). Our conversation then turns to the Tune platform, how it works, and where its strengths lie.

Like many content creators seeking to build communities over which they can exert some level of control, Josiah’s content-centric communities aren’t built on a larger platform such as Facebook, which is somewhat notorious for unpredictably changing the rules, throttling organic reach, and restricting monetization. In my view, that’s a very wise move.

Josiah is optimistic about 2023. He’s recently finished writing a book and is actively testing its contents on his audiences before it goes to the printer.


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