Tuesday, July 9, 2024
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Felix Velarde on remote recruiting challenges – growing your agency

Many of you are focused on growing your marketing agencies (as I am) and most of the rest have an agency that is growing (hopefully LOL). Recruiting has changed as a result of the pandemic, as have many HR policies at agencies.

In this podcast I chat with Felix Velarde, CEO of 2Y3X, a two-year commercial growth accelerator program for agencies. 2Y3X has a solid track record of doubling or tripling revenue. Felix is also author of a new book, “Scale at Speed: How to triple the size of your business and build a superstar team.” In this segment, Felix and I discuss how the work from home explosion has changed the agency staffing dynamic and how virtual meetings have unique pros and cons.

In the full podcast which I recommend, particularly for senior management in agencies, Felix explains the challenges facing companies as they pursue a growth strategy beyond “their first million,” including the need to evolve their strategies and processes as growth proceeds.

For those of you based in the US, another podcast guest of mine Jim Sterne assists US agencies with implementing the 2Y3X framework Felix covers in his book and alludes to in our interview.


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