Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Jim Sterne: Data Silos are Political – Not a Technical Problem

Jim Sterne and I have known each other since the early days of the Internet. Jim is the Founder of Marketing Analytics Summit (formerly eMetrics Summit), Director Emeritus of the Digital Analytics Association, author of 12 books, and accomplished public speaker. In this segment, Jim discusses how difficult it is to open up data silos given that many executives continue to believe that “knowledge is power and as long as I keep you away from it, I have the power.”

Running an agency where we strive to optimize against the KPIs most closely associated with long term profit, EBITDA, or for less sophisticated marketers cost-per-lead or ROAS (not taking long-term profitability into account). It was interesting to hear Jim’s POV that breaking down the silo’s is far more than a tech challenge. Can’t agree more.

In the full interview, Jim and I touch on many issues relevant to marketing and marketing analytics, including mistakes made by junior and senior marketers with respect to analytics, how marketers should respond to losing targeting granularity and resolution, how smaller marketers can leverage AI for more effective campaigns, and the resurgence of direct mail.


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