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Heidi Andersen on maintaining a brand-safe environment on Nextdoor

Nextdoor has declared that September is Neighbor Month and will kick off their celebration on the National Neighbor Day, September 28th. All the more reason to have Heidi Andersen, Chief Revenue Officer at Nextdoor as a guest on the eMarketing Association Podcast.

Nextdoor has done an amazing job creative a footprint of hyperlocal communities across the US and even in some international locations. Advertisers love scale and hyper-geotargeting, but they feel even better when they can be confident that their ads are running in a brand-safe environment. Other platforms whish publish UGC have struggled to maintain brand-safe environments. Nextdoor has done a great job keeping the digital neighborhood safe. Heidi shares Nextdoor’s 3-pronged approach to maintaining a brand-safe environment on the network.

In the full podcast, Heidi and I discuss issues relevant to hyperlocal marketing, including best practices for advertising on Nextdoor, available ad types, how businesses can make it likely that they will be tagged, and other issues relevant to hyperlocal marketing.


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