Friday, March 1, 2024
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Tom Coburn on Jebbit’s State of Consumer Data Trust Study

The 2020’s are defined as a period of even more rapid change than normal within the digital marketing ecosystem and much of that change has nothing to do with the pandemic, but is more centered around changes in regulatory and perceptions around consumer privacy.

Tom Coburn, Co-Founder/CEO at Jebbit and I discuss among other things the Jebbit State of Consumer Data Trust Study.

In the full interview, Tom and I discuss how brands can and should develop stores of first-party data, allows them to adapt to a marketing ecosystem where 3rd party cookies are an endangered species. Google recently gave the digital marketing ecosystem an additional one-year reprieve on the pending death of the 3rd party cookie. However, in Safari and based on browser choice and settings, brands need to start building 1st party relationships with consumers now.


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