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Johanna Bauman, of PubMatic, on smart B2B marketing strategies for 2024

Had a great, informative talk with Johanna Bauman, CMO at PubMatic, to discuss marketing challenges and opportunities in the tech sector. PubMatic is one of the bigger players in the AdTech space and as such faces unique marketing challenges that – somewhat ironically – are often best addressed using “analog” marketing tactics such as in-person events, as well as full-funnel, tightly-choreographed marketing initiatives targeted at corporate influencers.

Johanna is a keen observer of current trends in B2B marketing, and I am grateful that she agreed to share her learnings with the eMarketing Association. We cover a lot of ground in our 50-minute interview; topics include:

  • The importance of targeting both decision makers and internal influencers in B2B marketing.
  • The importance of understanding the target audience’s needs and challenges when launching a product.
  • How PubMatic’s evolution from an SSP to a full-stack platform, addressing both publishers and advertisers, required re-educating clients and prospects.
  • Challenges associated with engaging different audiences with customized communications.
  • Best practices for B2B content marketing strategy.
  • The importance of motivating and empowering marketing team members.
  • How full-funnel marketing campaigns should include relationship building, content marketing, and touchpoints at various levels of an organization.
  • The importance of starting with marketing objectives when incorporating data and analytics.
  • How the digital marketing ecosystem will likely evolve in the wake of cookie deprecation and privacy regulation.
  • How PubMatic’s current social/sustainability initiatives reflect the company’s core values.



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