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Brian Feroldi, of Long Term Mindset, on demystifying the stock market

Brian Feroldi is an interesting fellow who has been investing for nearly 20 years and is currently a writer for The Motley Fool. He’s also an author, proprietor of a successful YouTube channel with more than 80,000 subscribers, and publisher of the Long Term Mindset newsletter.

I wanted to catch up with Brian to talk about how his strategies for long-term investing track with long term marketing strategies. It turns out that there are many parallels, and we discuss them in our talk. We cover a good range of topics in our discussion, including:

  • Brian’s decision to write content relating to demystifying the stock market and educating ordinary investors.
  • Why stock market declines are intuitive, but recoveries are not.
  • Brian’s hybrid approach to content creation, balancing immediate relevance with long-term evergreen principles.
  • Why prospective investors should educate themselves on investing through free resources like podcasts, blogs, and YouTube.
  • The challenges of convincing CFOs and CMOs to allocate more funds to marketing during economic downturns.
  • Why CMOs might consider dollar cost averaging approach for marketing spending during downturns.
  • Investing strategies and the role of AI in providing an edge in the market.
  • Why those scared of individual stock volatility should invest in index funds
  • Why buying and selling options in certain instances may reduce risk, but may entail a high “hassle to reward” ratio.
  • Why the idea that the market is perfectly efficient is largely a myth.

You can find out more about Brian and sample more of his investment wisdom here:


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