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Bernard Ozarowski, of Pixis Drones, on the creative & storytelling potential of drone light shows

Drone light shows represent a completely new experiential marketing channel with unique storytelling possibilities. They’ve also grown more popular in the past several years. According to a research report by Allied Market Research, “The popularity of drones as fireworks replacements is rapidly increasing as consumers are moving towards environmental sustainability alternatives to fireworks and drones have a significantly less impact on the environment as compared to large fireworks shows which can burn several kilos of gunpowder in one show, leading to severe pollution and harm to the environment. Moreover, such factors are likely to boost the drone light shows market demand.”

My guest, Bernard Ozarowski, President and co-founder of Pixis Drones, is a licensed drone pilot and authority in the relatively new field of drone-delivered entertainment. He gives us the lowdown on what goes into these high-tech events and why they’re becoming more favored by brands seeking to provide audiences with unique, memorable experiences.

We many topics in our talk, including:

  • Approximate costs for mounting drone light shows.
  • Unique considerations for using drones for light shows, especially with respect to venue requirements and safety considerations.
  • How creative work, operational logistics, and site fees affect pricing.
  • The importance of collaboration with clients on drone events, given that the quality of the creative is what distinguishes good events from great ones.
  • The growing trend of sponsorship-driven drone events.
  • Examples of immersive storytelling experiences for Netflix shows.
  • How drone shows are “piloted” by several pilots.
  • How Pixis works with brands, agencies, event planners, and site owners.
  • How drone shows represent unique in-person experiences creating a unique outreach for brands, even after the event.
  • The creative potential of drone light shows for marketing and storytelling.
  • Experiences with sponsor-driven drone light shows for brands such as Miller Lite and Hard Rock.
  • Bernard’s unique journey from white collar corporate defense attorney to drone show impresario.


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