Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Mark Cruth, of Atlassian, on improving workplace team collaboration, efficiency, and alignment

Managing workplace teams – whether onsite or distributed across multiple regions and time zones – is always a challenge and is best achieved by using appropriate tools and processes.

Atlassian produces a set of software tools enabling efficient team collaboration and management. These tools now include Jira, Confluence, Trello, Compass, Loom, and others, and they’ve proven popular with workplace teams in many different industrial verticals, including the marketing industry.

My guest, Mark Cruth, spends his days coaching both Atlassian and customer teams on new ways of working, so I wanted to catch up with him to discuss best practices for making teams work together more effectively. Our discussion was wide-ranging and touched on many topics likely to be of interest to anyone seeking to improve workplace team performance. These topics include:

  • The key roles played by process and alignment in team collaboration.
  • How Agile/Scrum workflow models help structure work in different workplace groups.
  • The importance of agile workflow management for teams.
  • The importance of involving teams during the decision-making and procurement process when introducing new tools to the organization.
  • The fundamental importance of teamwork foundations, including alignment, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Trello and Jira used as examples of tools to improve efficiency in team workflow.
  • The importance of creating high-quality, relevant content that resonates with target audiences and demonstrates thought leadership.
  • The need for marketing teams to prioritize building strong connections with customers in good times, an undertaking that can benefit these same teams in bad times.
  • How Atlassian uses a variety of channels, including LinkedIn live sessions and free courses to share knowledge and practices with prospects and customers.
  • How Atlassian balances in-person and virtual events to reach a wider audience.



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