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Virtual Marketing Roundtable: Next-generation programmatic advertising: innovations, trends, future Strategies

On May 7th, myself, Didit CEO Eric Wiggins and Vik Kandeth, VP of Sales at StackAdapt, held a spirited virtual roundtable on recent trends and developments in programmatic advertising.

We discussed the current state of AI in programmatic and the growing importance of Connected TV (CTV) in both B2C and B2B contexts. We talked about how smart digital advertisers can still reach audiences effectively without compromising privacy, even as traditional cookies have been deprecated. We traded notes on advanced techniques for targeting decision makers and audiences, using IP-level targeting, location-based targeting, and cross-channel strategies. We speculated about how long it might be before AI might be able to achieve the “holy grail” of marketing: getting the right message to the right person at the right time.

Other topics covered in our talk include:

  • The need for a balanced approach to digital advertising that balances privacy concerns with the need for effective results.
  • Strategies and techniques for accurately targeting individuals and audiences without compromising privacy.
  • The direct relationship between creative effectiveness and media efficiency.
  • Why midmarket ad buyers are suddenly embracing CTV.
  • The potential disruption of creative agencies by AI.
  • The convergence of media and creative teams, with AI making it easier for media teams to own creative work.
  • The importance of understanding the identity graph of decision makers within an organization.
  • The applicability of IP-targeting and geo-fencing to B2B campaigns targeting both the enterprise and particular individuals.
  • How CTV has become more accessible with self-serve options, lower budgets, and expanded supply, making it a fast-growing channel.
  • How many ad buyers seem to confuse CTV with OTT.
  • The opportunity for targeted ads in a cookie less environment like CTV.
  • Using DSPs for programmatic buying and direct deals for better audience strategy.
  • The importance of attribution modeling in measuring the impact of upper funnel campaigns.
  • The importance of continually testing and measuring the impact of new marketing channels on overall lift.
  • Unique activations and out-of-home opportunities, such as billboards and pop-ups, in high-impact locations like Times Square and Las Vegas.
  • Why consolidation of data and activation under one roof will make it easier for brands of all sizes to access new programmatic opportunities.
  • Resurrecting QR codes for marketing, targeting specific audiences, and testing advertising effectiveness.
  • How opportunistic marketers can leverage brand safety concerns to reach under-monetized audiences.


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