Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Angela Rodriguez, of Proximic by Comscore, on the future of targeted advertising in a cookie-less world

As advertisers continue to lose targeting fidelity thanks to cookie deprecation and privacy regulations, new approaches to targeted advertising are urgently needed. My guest, Angela Rodriguez, who is Global Head of Sales at Proximic by Comscore, knows a lot about these new approaches, which often entail using a multi-pronged approach that leverages contextual targeting, first-party data, and AI.

Angela and I explore how her company enables these new approaches, the changing dynamics of digital advertising measurement and data management, and the intersection of data privacy and innovation in political advertising.

We cover many topics in our talk that will be of interest to anyone doing targeted advertising today, including:

  • The importance of building first-party data for publishers and agencies and integrating data across partners to deliver the right audiences and inventory.
  • How Proximic offers brand protection solutions for advertisers and publishers, including leveraging data for targeting across digital mediums.
  • The importance of local data for political campaigns, even for national races.
  • How traditional lines are blurring between DSPs, SSPs, and exchanges.
  • The importance of unbiased data and third-party partnerships in the media measurement and targeting landscape.
  • Multiple tactics needed to achieve scale, including contextual targeting and retargeting loyal customers.
  • The importance of context and category in ad targeting, even without precise identity signals.
  • The importance of sharing methodology and data with clients to build trust in AI-driven targeting.


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