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Digital Marketing Oldtimer Quiz, the UTM (Blast from the past)

At the final All-In Summit party I was recognized by a fellow Internet trailblazer, Brett Crosby, founder of Urchin Software Corporation which was the tech platform founded in 1997 and was purchased by Google in 2005 becoming the first version of Google Analytics.

Here’s your quiz: What were the first two definitions of the UTM acronym used by nearly every digital marketer when implementing Google Analytics to pass tracking parameters into a URL that could be captured by GA (or other analytics for that matter).

UTM: Was in my recollection, Urchin Tracking Module.

Brett reminded me that it was then changed to “Urchin Traffic Monitor” to seem less creepy LOL. Google Analytics is on a lot of marketer’s minds as the transition to GA4 is underway. My teams have become really great at preserving and replacing functionality as the old analytics is sunset.

Brett remembered the stuffed Didit frogs as have many digital marketers who knew Didit on logo version 1.0. We’ve come a long way from a bid management SAAS company to a full service digital-first agency.


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