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Bill Gurley’s 2,851 Miles & My All-In Miles (getting there)

The All In Summit with “besties” was a blast at the UCLA campus Royce Hall. But getting there was quite the ordeal.

My trip there was right out or Ryan Holiday’s “Obstacle Is The Way” meets “Trains Planes and Automobiles!”

I spent at least 7.5 hours on my JetBlue aircraft (while they ferried back to the gate due to weather delay then parked at the gate) Saturday from 4PM until 11:30PM when they officially canceled the flight out to LAX. My automated JetBlue computer re-booking was for an 8AM flight to Boston, a 10 hour layover and arriving in LA too late for the opening party. A non-starter.

But what to do? Printed the boarding pass for the BOS-LAX leg and tried to get an Uber from JFK to BOS (Logan). $900+. So, took the train home and on the way decided between Acela to BOS or Uber from Westchester. Went with the Uber. Got a driver who had Diplo on his SiriusXM so I convinced him to blast BPM from 3AM till 6AM when we arrived at Logan. Jimmy’z Monte Carlo 3-hour set. LOL

The 6:40 flight was full, so I took standby on the 8:45AM, got a middle seat next to a baby (you can’t make this up) giving up my MINT seat for later in the day. Slept three hours and got to LA in time for opening networking and the first day party.

So many amazing speakers, Elon, Gwyneth, Ray Dalio (always love him), Larry Summers, Ro Khanna, Graham Allison, Vinod Khosla and many more.

But Bill Gurley crushed it with his talk about regulatory capture.

Check out all the sessions on the All-In YouTube.

On the flight home, 4 hour delay again. Got home 4AM instead of 1AM.

But all worth it. LOL.



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