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Alexis Zinberg, of Treow Solutions, on event marketing best practices

In-person events – including tradeshows, educational events, intimate dinners, and other organized face-to-face encounters – are back with a vengeance. Post-COVID, there’s a tangible craving for face-to-face meetings, especially among sales and marketing teams but also among the general public at large. (BTW I’m so bullish on in-person events that I’ve become an investor in two event companies: Beyond Ordinary Events and the C-Suite Network.  Additionally, I’m planning to organize more in-person events for the eMarketing Association in the future.)

My guest, Alexis Zinberg, knows a lot about best practices for in-person events. She’s the Founder of Treow Solution, a New York-based firm that provides strategic marketing consulting services for clients across various verticals, including media, health, retail, and technology. As her LinkedIn profile explains, Alexis has “a deep expertise in designing and executing experiential and educational events, ranging from 10 person salon dinners to 50 person summits to 1500 person theater experiences and Trade Show presence.”

Alexis provides some great insights for event organizers, prospective exhibitors, and event attendees. We cover a lot of topics in our talk, including:

  • The importance of targeting the right audience at trade shows, rather than just showing up.
  • The importance of aligning events with business goals for maximum ROI.
  • Booth activation strategies for trade shows and in-person events.
  • How marketers can determine the best mix of salespeople and people in other roles to handle meetings and provide information to prospects.
  • The importance of preparation before attending events, including informing CRM, pre-promoting the show, and setting appointments with VIP-level people.
  • Why marketers shouldn’t overlook the opportunity to create content at events, including selfie content, testimonials, and on-site podcasts, which can be repurposed for months to come.
  • How event organizers are stressing “zero waste” and sustainability.
  • The importance of aligning trade show “swag” with business goals and objectives, and ensuring it has purpose and meaning.
  • The value of creating exclusive content for attendees at conferences, such as reports or panels to position clients as thought leaders.
  • The resurgence of QR codes at trade shows, allowing attendees to easily access digital content without needing to use printed collateral.
  • The role of virtual events in activating and engaging with audiences who cannot attend in person.
  • How smart marketers are making presentations “snackable” and adaptable for repurposing, with a focus on engaging the audience and creating a connection point.
  • The challenges of selecting the right person to be on stage at events.
  • Why trade show exhibitors need to have a laser focus on getting details right so that target audiences aren’t disappointed.


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