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No, My Twitter Checkmarks are NOT Endorsements of Twitter or Elon

Some folks think that Twitter Blue Checkboxes are a vote for Elon or even makes a person or business a “fanboy.”  Do you agree?

BTW Midjourney, flannel? I can’t believe you picked flannel. I added the checkmarks and have no skilz… LOL

The eMarketing Association and my personal Twitter have Blue Check Marks.  But I run an agency, and I have responsibility to my clients to know what the marketing and reach implications are between having a check and not having a check.

My $16 (two time 8) per month won’t rescue Twitter, the reignition of Elon as CEO, and the installation of a competent CEO who understands marketing is the only chance it’s got if advertising is going to be a leg of the revenue stool. Elon is a brilliant inventor and engineer, but PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX have succeeded without marketing (PayPal had a viral mechanism and eBay early on)

As to check-box shaming within and outside the marketing industry… That’s silly. Brands, influencers and individuals have worked hard to build a Twitter following, and even if they have moved much of their content production to other platforms, many of their their followers are still on Twitter and would be delighted to see great content.

Withholding Twitter reach for yourself to punish the platform owner doesn’t serve a moral or an economic benefit and doesn’t even make a significant social statement. You want to make a statement, stop tweeting, consuming tweets and commenting. Go cold turkey and cut off your ad dollars (Twitter never worked at any scale for my clients, so that’s a moot point in my case and that of my clients).


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