Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Elon at Possible, Can Keywords & Filters save Twitter?

Finally, after years of suggestions from SEM agencies Twitter has finally re-deployed keyword targeting. Elon “announced” it at Possible MIA.

“As mind-blowing as it is, Twitter did not have [keyword targeting] functionality until recently, which is insane, but now it does.”

Actually Twitter had a keyword targeting before, but de-emphasized the feature. It was mis-used and only worked on high intent keywords because tweets don’t break through like SEM ads and search intent and even curiosity is short-lived.

So, don’t get too excited about keyword targeting in Twitter quite yet.

In better news, Twitter has improved the filtering of tweets to dramatically reduce the likelihood that ads will be served against brand-unsafe tweets.

Elon also elaborated at Possible MIA that they have removed the reach for tweets that don’t deserve to get that reach.  How well does this community standards filter improve the Twitter experience? Significantly.

Does the filter and return of keywords excite the advertisers?  In my opinion, no.

Hey Elon, check out this suggestion.


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