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Lessons in Scarcity by Depeche Mode and the Cure

How much is an experience worth? What about a scarce experience? What about a scarce experience that also includes immediate bragging rights and long term bragging rights?

I’ll be attending the Depeche Mode concert at MSG tonight with the family.  It will be a bummer that Fletch won’t be there but I asked Midjourney to create a photo with Andy ‘Fletch’ Fletcher included.  I also asked Midjourney to give him a halo. That didn’t really change the pic much LOL.

The marketing lesson learned is that unlike NFTs which have lost some of their luster, concert tix are selling at very high valuations.  A Cure MSG first row tix is $4000+ each. Not sure if I’ll be attending that concert as I missed the original purchase window. 2 nights at MSG for The Cure, all sold out. Even 20,000 per show, apparently the demand remains high.

Midjourney gave me a few to pick from: “a picture of Depeche Mode in front of Madison square garden, including Dave , Andrew , Martin , Alan and Vince. Put a halo over Andy ‘Fletch’ Fletcher’s head.”  I couldn’t use the full names. The word “gore” is banned in Midjourney LOL.


asked for an angel’s halo with stars rising from it over Fletch’s head. Odd interpretation.





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