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Coral Chung, of Senreve, on luxury brand marketing

Senreve is a sustainable luxury accessory brand that’s lately been making waves. The company has a line of very successful handbags, has raised over $23M in funding from leading venture capital and growth capital investors, and recently announced that its goal is to make its product line 50 percent vegan by 2023. The company’s multiple-use bags have been spotted adorning celebrities and influencers across the globe.

Coral Chung is Senreve’s Founder and CEO, and I caught up with her recently to discuss her company’s origin story and how Senreve differentiates its fashionable multi-use offerings from other luxury brands:

“In the market I saw there was an interesting white space in the price point that we cover, which is around $500 to $1,000, which is premium, certain more premium and high-position than some of the mass luxury brands, but we don’t have any issues with head-to-head competition with the more traditional established brands,” said Coral.

We also discuss the history of Senreve’s logo, the role that emotion plays in fashion brand marketing, how fashion brands can succeed in having their wares perceive as “timeless,” how style, color, and feature preferences vary with geography, how Senreve incorporates data and intuition into its product design process, how fashion brands can tap into the celebrity/influencer ecosystem, her philanthropic activities, and how Senreve plans to continue to use social media to communicate with customers and prospects in the future.

“One thing we really focus is having a very diverse way to speak to our community, and so we’re not overly reliant on a single platform, where if there’s an algorithm change or some structural change that it really creates this massive shockwave. We’re fortunate to have a great and very strong organic community. I think we really lead with that, we lead with loyalty, we track NetPromotor score very vigorously, we’re very focused on driving that connectivity, so that’s super-important. We recently introduced a loyalty program and we really want to grow those organic channels.”


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