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Evolution of the Office – The Kettlespace Pivot

When I was between leased NYC office spaces three years ago (the Didit HQ is on Long Island), I used Kettlespace with my NYC team for about three months until we settled on a new Manhattan location.

Oddly the co-working space we settled on coincidentally housed Kettlespace’s offices. That’s why I was super excited to catch up with Daniel Rosenzweig, Co-Founder at Kettlespace, a company providing flexible workspaces with fast and secure WiFi, a supportive community, and amenities for remote workers. More recently Kettlespace has added a layered pivot leasing out their tech to corporations as well.

In this segment, Daniel shares his vision that the role of the office has radically changed in the intra- and post-pandemic era, becoming a venue for networking and culture-building, rather than “heads down” work.

Check out the full interview to learn how the Kettlespace technology originally designed for managing and reserving spaces in flexible co-working environments is now helping enterprises with hybrid workspaces more effectively manage their workforce and space needs. Dan’s time at WeWork clearly influenced both the original vision of highly flexible work-spaces and the additional layer of a workforce management system for workspaces.

As marketers, we need to understand the changing dynamic of HR and the workplace both for ourselves and because we may very well be targeting the nomadic or flexible workspace for our clients or ourselves.


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