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Dave Hertig, of Boom, on 2022 CEO survey results

I wanted to catch up with Dave Hertig, Founder and CEO of Boom, a Swiss business growth agency, to discuss results from a 2022 survey conducted by Boom – in partnership with Hubspot – identifying the greatest concerns shared today’s CEOs. (You can download the survey at

160 CEOs participated in the study and hiring is clearly their # 1 challenge. Nearly 25 percent of the 160 CEO respondents named hiring as their main growth headwind– ahead of sales, marketing, financial, or executional concerns.

Dave and I unpack what’s happening in the labor market, why hiring is so difficult today, how the disruptions of the pandemic influenced the labor market, whether there’s something broken in the way that tech marketing skills are being taught in universities, and whether “apprenticeships” might be a better way to train employees for the actual reality of their jobs.

We discuss how survey results differed across company size tiers, how sales and marketing functions often overlap in organizations, creating ambiguities and the potential for conflict, and the importance of founder/CEOs remaining aligned with teams focused on the “north star.”

Beyond Dave’s role at Boom, he’s also an ambassador for Hope Now – a group of entrepreneurs working to solve the climate change problem, and also a Launch Team contributor to The Carbon Almanac, a collaboration of writers, researchers, thinkers, and illustrators focusing on climate change, and I wanted to get his take on why the work these groups do are important.


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