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Marilyn Mead, of Winmo, on better sales prospecting

Marilyn Mead is VP of Marketing at Winmo, a platform that tracks companies, agencies, and brands controlling about $100 billion in yearly marketing spend. Winmo’s customers are typically in agency business development, ad-tech sales, mar-tech sales, and sponsorship sales.

Marilyn and myself discuss how Winmo keeps its data fresh — an important issue given that there’s considerable churn among industry personnel, especially during and post-COVID. I also wanted to know how Winmo’s clients are using the expanded data fields provided by the software, and which of these fields had proven most valuable for them.
We discuss Winmo’s predictive software, which provides insight into which accounts might be undergoing review in the near future through a “Vulnerable Account Index” metric, how much time sales teams using Winmo can save vs. attempting the same prospecting tasks manually, and how agencies averse to using RFPs can use Winmo to identify and proactively “pre-empt” opportunities that are still in the pre-RFP stage.

We also discuss the balance that prospecting sales teams must strike between hunting “whales” vs. “smaller fish,” and the fact that agency decisions are often made by committees. (Winmo recently deployed a new feature called “Personality Insights” that gives prospectors additional visibility into the attitudes and predelictions of decision-makers). As Marilyn notes, having insight into “decision drivers” can give prospectors a real edge when attempting to convince decision committees).

I also wanted to learn more about how the channels that Winmo is using in its own marketing efforts, and get Marilyn’s take on what might be ahead for the marketing industry in 2023 and beyond.


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