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Sleep Mask VSL Conundrum Why Dupe?

Once you start deconstructing VSLs (Video Sales Letters) on YouTube and looking to see if the marketer is an affiliate or the DTC marketer directly, its easy to go down the rabbit hole.

I got served this VSL. Clearly an affiliate and from what looks to be an otherwise abandoned YouTube channel (Update 11/24/2022, name on channel was changed LOL). It links via a tracking link to the product page but the dub4=organic is an odd affiliate link.

So, off I went to look in VidTao to see if I could find other ads running under that channel. No luck, but I found the identical ad running here. Another affiliate account. But since I can’t get the video as an ad, there’s no call to action URL I noticed.

Odd, why run the identical ad?  Different targeting? Concerns about the ad being flagged due to some fairly aggressive health claims?

Seems there are several other store pages, including


I’ll dig a bit more.  Why post this on the eMarketing Association blog? As a stream of consciousness and a reminder for me to look back at this again LOL.

Once affiliates have been unleashed, it gets fascinating.


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