Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Core Web Vitals – Quality Score Andrew Wetzler on Google’s Market Power Driving Optimization

Andrew Wetzler and I have been in SEO and PPC a long time (pre-Google), so its interesting for us to watch Google using its market power to compel continual optimization by marketers. We discussed Google’s unmatched power to drive change in best practices.

Is it an abuse of power or a force for good, driving continuous improvement? Each marketer and for that matter regulator or legislator has their own opinion.

Andrew and I also reminisced while discussing the best practices that marketers should be implementing now, the continued importance of SEO, how great content drives search (paid and organic) as well as social media, and what changes the future might bring.  We also discussed what marketers should be doing now to prepare for those inevitable changes.


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