Sunday, May 19, 2024
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SEO Core Web Vitals ARE HERE. Ignore at Your Peril

Tammy Wood, Director of Global SEO – Automation Anywhere. In this segment, Tammy and I discuss what Google’s recent announcements with respect to optimizing for Core Web Vitals mean to the SEO profession and to webmasters.

Google loved to use its leverage as king of the search engines to drive change within the web development community.

That means that web developers and SEO professionals, particularly the good ones are in short supply and have job security. VPs of marketing and CMOs have come to realize that a website is never “finished.”

In the full interview, Tammy and I discuss a wide range of issues relevant to SEO, including SEO best practices, the current state of the SEO industry, the tension between designers/developers and SEO professionals, and the challenges posed by the need to constantly re-invent the web presence often due to what may seem like a whim at Google.

The Google team probably thinks that by applying leverage to improve user experiences that they are doing the Internet Marketer a favor. I’m not sure every business owner agrees.


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