Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Scott Brinker on the “Digital Divide” in MarTech

Larger marketers already have the advantage of statistically valid marketing data in minutes where it might take days or weeks. Smaller marketers also can suffer from a “digital divide” without access to some of the MarTech that enterprise marketers rely on.

I had the pleasure of discussing this topic and many more with Scott Brinker, whose “day job” is helping prioritize and manage Hubspot integrations with the MarTech community. However, nearly everyone has seen Scott’s infographics of the MarTech landscape, and thousands have attended his MarTech conferences. Plus Scott writes regularly on his blog.

Without spoiling the interview, one thing Scott is clear on is that people matter more than the technology. Sometimes with tech, less is more. As an agency owner with an awesome team, I can’t agree more…

If you are involved in marketing and advertising, particularly in the BtoB side of things, then you owe it to yourself to watch the full interview. Our conversation extends beyond Hubspot’s role in the MarTech ecosystem to look at the challenges marketers face in making data-driven decisions, empowered by technology and strategy.


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