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Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft Stifle Innovation – Scot Wingo

The massive Digital Ecosystem players are stifling innovation, according to Scot Wingo, and I have to agree.  Recent changes to the digital marketing ecosystem — particularly with respect to first-party data — are benefiting “the big guys” (Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft).

Scot Wingo and I have both been in the eCommerce and digital marketing since the 1990s. So, that’s why it was particularly exciting to catch up with Scot who more recently launched GetSpiffy. Scot is still active with ChannelAdvisor, and so his perspective bridges the startup ecosystem and the corporate marketing ecossytem.  In this interview, Scot and I discuss the chilling effect that some of the policy decisions made my the “biggies” under the cover of privacy protection are having on innovation by startups.

The full interview is absolutely worth a view as well.


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