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Sean O’Neal on Ad Blockers, Content Marketing, and the “flight to contextual”

Sean O’Neal has been on all sides of the digital marketing ecosystem, advertising, research/measurement and earned media. That’s why it’s been so much fun to catch up with Sean to discuss his latest gig, running Onclusive. Onclusive is a company whose mission is to help the communications and PR industry measure the impact of earned media and PR. In this segment, we discuss how marketers are responding to recent changes in the digital marketing ecosystem, and how the increased use of Ad Blockers has pushed marketers to earned media and influencers. (not to mention branded content)

Earned media enthusiasts have always struggled to understand just how much impact a PR hit or placement delivers, both immediately and on an ongoing basis.

In the full interview with Sean, we discuss how a holistic earned media plan is far superior to one that simply looks at old-school PR metrics. Content marketers and SEO professionals also under-value digital PR because they-too look at success through their own lens.

Consumers and BtoB buyers/customers respond to earned media and better tools are now available to measure impact.



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