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### @ the end of a Press Release

Halo Group (a Didit Company) has an article where they explain why ### three pound or hash tags are used at the end of a press release. That article ranks #1 in google for a variety of searches including just the ### as well as permutations that include related press release questions.

I’m not as much a fan of press releases as a marketing and public relations tool as I was ten or 15 years ago, but I still see their value in certain instances. But I much prefer a holistic PR and digital PR strategy that allows a company to dominate the traditional press, the blogosphere and the Google/Bing SERP.

What is fun however, is looking at the companies that arrive at the Halo website looking to answer this question (the answer is it just indicates the end of the release). We generally assume these searchers are someone junior at the organization, but often the organization names make us smile as we think about a marketing assistant obsessing over their press release due in mere minutes.

Here are some fun examples and samples. BTW if you are a BtoB marketer and not using de-anonymization tech to look at visitors by company, you are missing out on some valuable data. Reach out to me, Kevin at Didit and I’m happy to guide you to a few possible solutions (each platform has is pros and cons).

American Association of Advertising Agencies

First Niagara Bank

Metro North

And some governments:


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