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Marketing and HR – Disturbing Results of Girls Who Code Survey

You may not think that the experiences of interviewees (internship, part time, full time or contract), is of concern to the marketing team. Well, it is because in this age of social media a negative experience with a brand, not only by a customer, but interviewee can have a lasting negative brand impact.

Wired reports the disturbing results of a survey conducted to determine if the young women coders were encountering any negative treatment during their internship interviews.

While some of the experiences with asshole male interviewers could have happened with an interviewee of any gender, clearly the data and specific examples provided show clear gender-specific bias and inappropriate behavior.

It’s time for the tech community to step up and train everyone on how to self-identify inappropriate behavior and stop it before it hurts the interviewees, and the company itself (litigation and brand dilution for example). Marketing teams, engineering, finance, and other department should coordinate with HR, not only to interview candidates, but to know how to do it right.

Interestingly for Wire Magazine, the article triggered brand safety ad blocks… One of my current favorite topics.  Even writing about interviewees being harassed is brand-unsafe 😉


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