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Vytis Bareika, of the Defined Chase Digital Marketing Agency, on optimizing ad targeting in a post-GDPR world

Vytis Bareika wears several hats: he’s Founder and CEO at the Defined Chase Digital Marketing Agency, based in Vilnius, Lithuania, whose services include marketing strategy and audits, optimization and analytics, creative production, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. Vytis tells me that Defined Chase currently supervises $100 million in media spend.

He’s also Head of Publishing at BlockGames, a next-generation gaming player network providing players an opportunity to control their own player data and share it across games. As BlockGames’ website explains, “Universal Player Profiles” (work) in a decentralized system, allowing players to own their cross-game and cross-chain engagement data. This ownership means their data’s value increases as they play and engage more, empowering players in new and innovative ways.”

I heard Vytis speak at the Mobile Growth Association’s MGS 24 Las Vegas Conference and wanted to follow up to learn more about how his gaming network works, with particular regard to the efficacy of its player reward system and also trade notes on current issues in mobile digital marketing, including the sunsetting of Google Analytics’ Universal Analytics. Topics covered in our talk include:

– How BlockGames increases gameplay, monetization, and traffic for game publishers.

– The degree to which incorporating a reward system positively changes user behavior.

– The challenges of targeting ads in a privacy-centric manner, particularly in Europe and the US.

– The crucial importance of first-party data in ad targeting.

– The degree to which KPIs are shared in Europe and the U.S.

– Common mistakes made by digital advertisers in terms of tracking and attribution.

– The importance of using clean and raw (non-survey-based) data for accurate marketing strategies.

– Which social networks are most popular in Europe vs. the U.S.

– Alternatives available to Google Analytics that may provide advantages in certain applications.

– The importance of education in agency pitches, for example, in offering free audits to demonstrate problem areas and potential solutions.


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