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Giuseppe La Rocca, of StackAdapt, on the evolution of programmatic advertising

Giuseppe La Rocca is Vice President, Enterprise, at StackAdapt, a self-serve advertising platform for distributing and promoting content using real-time, data-driven audience targeting. StackAdapt has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in North America and is currently rated the #1 demand-side platform (DSP) on G2.

As a longtime observer of the evolution of programmatic advertising (and current StackAdapt client), I wanted to get Guiseppe’s take on where programmatic advertising is today and where it might be going in the post-cookie era.

By the way, I will be doing an event with StackAdapt on May 7th, at 1 PM, entitled Next-Generation Programmatic Advertising: Innovations, Trends, and Future. We will delve into emerging trends, advancements in AI and machine learning, and the evolving role of data in programmatic advertising. Discover how addressable advertising, programmatic audio, and connected TV (CTV) are revolutionizing campaign effectiveness and consumer engagement. We welcome all to attend this free event!

Guiseppe and I cover numerous topics in our talk which will be of interest to anyone doing programmatic advertising today, including:

  • How the industry is adapting to cookie deprecation and increased privacy concerns.
  • The degree to which adapting to cookie deprecation and other identity-related changes has squelched innovation in the ad-tech industry.
  • Channel trends in the ad-tech industry, including the shift to CTV.
  • How marketers can leverage data-driven insights to optimize B2B marketing strategies.
  • Why marketers need to tailor messaging and creative to different decision-making B2B stakeholders.
  • The evolution of identity and creative in the advertising industry, including the need for privacy and flexibility in addressable and non-addressable users.
  • AI deployment in ad tech, specifically creative and backend intelligence.
  • The growing importance of “live moments” in marketing and advertising.
  • Why enterprise marketers have inherent advantages over smaller firms in terms of being able to run more tests and collect data more quickly.
  • How publishers are finally waking up to the need to build first-party datasets to improve yield.
  • The importance of trust and partnerships in the ad tech ecosystem.




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