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Lauren Petrullo, of Mongoose Media, on leveraging Facebook, YouTube, and push marketing to reach younger audiences

Lauren Petrullo runs Mongoose Media, an Orlando, Florida-based, digital-first marketing agency. A Walt Disney Company alumnus, Lauren has been featured in Yahoo!, Thrive Global, Refinery29, Shopify, Advertising Week, ComputerWorld and TickerNews, and is a subject matter expert in Meta advertising, omni-channel marketing, e-commerce SEO, social commerce, and AR/VR for business.

I was thrilled to catch up with Lauren to discuss the latest trends and topics in the fast-moving sphere of digital advertising and marketing, including:

– The common mistake made by business of targeting average customers, instead of their best ones.

– The challenge small businesses face in competing with larger brands in advertising, particularly in acquiring high-quality customer data.

– How small businesses can profitably use Facebook “instant lead” forms, which can capture leads without requiring prospects them to leave the website.

– The importance of proactive measures in digital marketing, such as conducting audits, to identify potential problems early on.

– The importance of marketing on YouTube and leveraging its community aspects, especially when trying to reach younger audiences.

– Mistakes made by hospitality and e-commerce brands, such as running outdated software and poorly managing marketing emails.

– How marketers can create compelling content, even for “boring” industries.

– The importance of aligning marketing and sales efforts to deliver on brand promises.

– The fact that email is hardly “dead” and can prove a valuable marketing channel if used correctly.

– The continued effectiveness of push marketing.

I enjoyed my conversation with Lauren and am grateful that she chose to share her many insights with the eMarketing Association.


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