Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Ravi Mittal, of, on using contextually relevant quizzes to deepen engagement and boost registrations

Because 3rd party cookies — the traditional basis for targeted ad serving — are going away, publishers are bracing themselves for the declining CPMs that will inevitably follow and searching for new ways to acquire first party data about their readers, as well as deepen engagement on their sites.

One innovative, entertaining way to promote these registrations while deepening engagement is through the deployment of contextually relevant online quizzes that can be woven into a publisher’s content streams. That’s the approach taken by Ravi Mittal, Founder and CEO of, with whom I caught up with this week for a chat.

Ravi and I explore’s origin story and he then explains how the company’s AI engine creates quizzes on demand by analyzing content and identifying relevant questions and answers. As he notes, the data shows that users love quizzes, which boast high completion and engagement rates. Publishers love them too, given that quizzes can be used to gather user data for targeted content creation and market research. Additionally, advertisers can use quizzes to educate users about a product’s features while gleaning valuable insights from prospects and consumers that can flow back into market research and product development.

Ravi has high hopes for the future of his company in 2024 and beyond, especially with respect to market research, a lucrative business that appears to be ripe for disruption. “We are very much focused on getting Brand Lift studies within the quiz widget. As you know, it’s an $80 billion industry — the market research industry — and most of the budgets are going into these surveys. But nobody knows who does these surveys — there are panels sitting somewhere in the cloud, probably. We want to bring those budgets those budgets to publishers. We want these surveys to become more quick and meaningful. So I feel that in the next three to six months, you’ll see some more disruption in the market research space as people discover our tool.”


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