Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Jeffrey Mayer, of DanAds, on democratizing access to publisher inventory

I was eager to catch up with Jeffery Mayer, Head of Product and Managing Director at DanAds, a company providing a white label, self-serve advertising platform providing direct access to publishers’ inventory.

DanAds lowers the barriers to entry for small businesses while increasing operational efficiencies and sales opportunities for publishers. As Jeffrey explains, “what this platform really does is democratize the ability for any advertiser — big or small — to book their media campaigns, set their targeting and audiences they want to reach, to add their creative, and create a campaign. So we’re kind of opening the door for anyone to buy media without the exorbitant costs they would typically get.”

Jeffrey explains how DanAds’ AI-enabled tools, such as video and audio builders, reduce production costs for small advertisers by creating clean and professional ads at a fraction of the cost of traditional production methods. As he notes, “from an efficiency standpoint, (the platform) does a lot. But then it also offers you time to be more strategic about other things. You know, our jobs are not getting simpler. They’re getting more complex. The amount of technology that we have to use has grown. The amount of workload that we have on our plates is always more and more; it never gets lighter. So if I can take, you know, a majority of my wasted or manual tasks time, set that aside, and work on something bigger — a larger vision — then I’m exponentially more valuable to my organization.”

Jeffrey talks about how it’s possible for advertisers to connect their third-party ad tags directly to the DanAds platform for easier ad serving. We then trade notes on the continuing importance of automation in media transactions, with Jeffrey citing examples of successful campaigns run through DanAds.

The conversation then pivots to the subject of AI in media, with Jeffrey noting that he’s excited about its potential while recognizing that it may not live up to the hype. Finally, we chat about how platforms such as DanAds may acquire new relevance this year as the political advertising season heats up.


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