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Destaney Wishon, of BetterAMS, on mastering advertising on Amazon

Destaney Wishon is the CEO and co-founder of Better AMS, an agency based in Bentonville, Arkansas. Her team of Amazon advertising specialists provides in-depth, strategic recommendations on how to optimize Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and DSP campaigns for e-commerce businesses.

I wanted to catch up with Destaney to glean some of her wisdom about helping merchants achieve better results on Amazon. We discuss her agency’s origin story, how Amazon is shifting vendor relationships to FBA, and the general challenges of working with Amazon, including pricing pressure and the general lack of transparency. Then we take a deep dive into some best practices for advertising on Amazon.

Destaney and I discuss common mistakes made by advertisers when approaching advertising on Amazon. As she observes, “a lot of people don’t realize how granular you can get with Amazon advertising because maybe they are used to an external advertising platform that is more audience-based. (On Amazon), you can get as specific as one keyword, and you can control, on the page, where you’re showing up, whether it’s the number one sponsored ad spot or the product detail page. So with that level of control, it allows us to get really good at budget distribution.”

We discuss the importance of video advertising, including the potential of well-crafted, well-placed video ads to achieve competitive conquest. We also discuss the potential SEO advantages for DTC brands when they create robust product listings on Amazon.

Our discussion then pivots to the topic of Amazon PPC optimization and creative strategies, the emergence of new Amazon advertising tools (which may eventually include geo-targeting capabilities), and the importance of using appropriate software to optimize bids and listings.

If you represent a brand that has or will someday have a presence on Amazon, you’ll get a lot out of this informative interview.


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